We have a demolition and rehabilitation team that specializes in the demolition and removal of steel structures, operating in accordance with all relevant regulations and SHEQ guidelines.


Our Henschel Vertical Grinder Mill is capable of shredding all light materials, including food and beverage cans, motor vehicle parts and home appliances. Our final shredded products are sized to meet our customer’s requirements, making us a preferred supplier for local beneficiation programmes.


Our Lefort 1000T Amazon shear, together with our smaller mobile shears, are capable of cutting all heavy ferrous materials efficiently. This machinery enables us to provide high performance shearing services to large and small suppliers.

Gas Cutting

Our experienced cutting teams provide our suppliers with a supervised, professional, on-site cutting service for metals. We cater for both small and large suppliers, providing ad hoc or ongoing services as required.


We have a wide range of plastic, paper, ferrous and non-ferrous metals balers capable of converting loose materials into various size bales as per our customer specifications.


Our ATM ArnoBrik briquetter is capable of pressing shavings, which result from the machining of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, into dense and compact briquettes for higher yield smelting purposes.

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